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Better all round

Earn 30% more on average compared to wholesale

Launching March 2024

Brewers, team up with us directly to showcase your unique brews and help customers explore new beers and discover amazing breweries.

Partner with us

Get your beer in the hands of the right people

Be one of the first breweries to join Firebrew. We'll be in touch to get you ready for our launch.


Building partnerships with breweries.

We're all about building awesome partnerships with breweries. Join us to showcase your unique brews, amplify the craft beer experience, and craft unforgettable stories—one sip at a time.

Find new customers

Our recommendations engine ensures your beer finds its perfect audience by tailoring profiles for each customer. This creates an excellent first impression for new customers, keeping them coming back for more.

Better wholesale margins

We handle your inventory, but you keep ownership. Offering a broad selection from your brewery, we manage packing and shipping to customers.

Maintain pricing control; we charge a commission per order and a picking fee or fixed price for subscription box beers.

Weekly payouts

Weekly payouts for fulfilled orders, deducting a commission and pick fee, guarantee you receive your earnings promptly. Our streamlined process ensures transparency and simplicity, putting your profits first.

Streamlined process

We take care of the heaving lifting.

Collaborating with Firebrew is all about speed and efficiency. Pick your products, send them our way, and we'll take care of booking, as well as manage all the picking, packing, and shipping processes. Easy as that!

Supply your inventory

Just send it our way. We'll seamlessly integrate it into the Firebrew store and subscription box.

Customers choose, we recommend

Our clever engine guides them to beers they'll adore with every purchase.

We take care of the rest

After their choice, we pick, pack, and swiftly ship the order directly to the customer.

Weekly payouts

Expect weekly payouts for fulfilled orders, with our commission and pick fee deducted.

Discover new customers

Find new customers in our discovery box.

Our monthly subscription boxes are designed to match each customer's distinctive taste, taking into account their preferences, past beer experiences, and profiles similar to theirs. Embrace the diversity - no two boxes are the same, ensuring a fantastic experience for every beer enthusiast.

We offer breweries a fixed payment for each beer included in our boxes. You also maintain control, deciding the maximum quantity of your product in each shipment's discovery box. It's a tailored collaboration to showcase your brews and bring joy to customers!

Brand focused

Experience driven partner page and product listings.

We aim for our customers to discover and adore your brewery. Our partner pages and product listings are crafted for an experience-driven approach, ensuring the best possible first impression of your brewery and products.

Partner with us

Get your beer in the hands of the right people

Be one of the first breweries to join Firebrew. We'll be in touch to get you ready for our launch.